If you have an outdoor patio or living space, you may be looking to make it greener and more enjoyable to spend time in. The standard items such as a lounge chair, barbecue, and play area for the kids do not need to go but can be supplemented with some unique and highly functional additions to your outdoor space. General contractors are keeping up with what is clean and green based off the high-demand.

1) Build a Small Herb Garden by Your Patio: Even people who don’t have enough space in their yard for a garden can fit a small herb garden, whether it be in pots hanging from the bannister, or planted directly into the ground. Herbs like mint, lemon balm, chives, and basil are all easy to plant and maintain and can make your outdoor space become alive. The flowers on some of these plants, like chives which are bright purple, can be quite appealing and attractive, and really help your outdoor space come alive, just like the dishes that you serve with these herbs sprinkled in.

2) Use a Tree to Create a Conversation Space: If you have a large tree in your yard, you can place a circular bench around it and create a wonderful seating and conversation spot where you can relax and enjoy the outdoor fresh air. A nice wooden bench surrounding a tree can help to protect the tree from wildlife and children and can be a beautiful addition to the home.

3) Incorporate Your Hobbies: There is no one size fits all solution for a backyard. Find out what you care about whether that be crafting the perfect BBQ meal, or serving drinks with friends, or something altogether different, and craft an outdoor space that speaks to you and identifies with your interests, whether that be an elaborate bar area or built-in barbecue.

Many people overlook their outdoor spaces, but it can be an incredible addition to your home for the purpose of both the livability of your home as well as the resale value of it.

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Last Modified: August 12, 2019