Artificial Turf 101

Artificial turf is synthetic grass, and over the years it has become more popular and commonly used by many people. Many people have decided to switch over from real grass to synthetic grass for many reasons. There are many great benefits that come with having synthetic grass. To start, it is low maintenance, it will be able to save you money and it is aesthetically pleasing all year long as well.

Benefits of synthetic grass:

One great benefit that comes with getting synthetic grass is the fact that you will be able to save time and not have to constantly worry about watering, annoying, weeding, seating or fertilizing your lawn. You will be able to save time and money because synthetic grass is low maintenance and it does not require you to constantly check that it is growing correctly like real grass requires.

2.) Your pets will be able to roam around the lawn safely because there will be no fertilizer in the grass. There will also be no need to use any types of lawn chemicals for tests because synthetic grass does not require any of the above. This will be able to give you peace of mind of knowing that your pets will be able to run around your long without having to worry that they may consume a harsh chemical that may be very dangerous for them. You also be able to read your young children run around and play on your lawn knowing that everything is safe.

3.) You will be able to start hosting events and parties without having to worry about your guest stepping or damaging your grass. Synthetic grass is perfect to host events in your backyard because your home look aesthetic Lee pleasing all your long, with very little time, money or maintenance.

Overall, getting synthetic grass is a great decision to make! Visit for more details.

Creating an Livable and Green Outdoor Space

If you have an outdoor patio or living space, you may be looking to make it greener and more enjoyable to spend time in. The standard items such as a lounge chair, barbecue, and play area for the kids do not need to go but can be supplemented with some unique and highly functional additions to your outdoor space. General contractors are keeping up with what is clean and green based off the high-demand.

1) Build a Small Herb Garden by Your Patio: Even people who don’t have enough space in their yard for a garden can fit a small herb garden, whether it be in pots hanging from the bannister, or planted directly into the ground. Herbs like mint, lemon balm, chives, and basil are all easy to plant and maintain and can make your outdoor space become alive. The flowers on some of these plants, like chives which are bright purple, can be quite appealing and attractive, and really help your outdoor space come alive, just like the dishes that you serve with these herbs sprinkled in.

2) Use a Tree to Create a Conversation Space: If you have a large tree in your yard, you can place a circular bench around it and create a wonderful seating and conversation spot where you can relax and enjoy the outdoor fresh air. A nice wooden bench surrounding a tree can help to protect the tree from wildlife and children and can be a beautiful addition to the home.

3) Incorporate Your Hobbies: There is no one size fits all solution for a backyard. Find out what you care about whether that be crafting the perfect BBQ meal, or serving drinks with friends, or something altogether different, and craft an outdoor space that speaks to you and identifies with your interests, whether that be an elaborate bar area or built-in barbecue.

Many people overlook their outdoor spaces, but it can be an incredible addition to your home for the purpose of both the livability of your home as well as the resale value of it.

What’s the best time to install artificial grass

Just like when you plan on hiring a gardener or putting in a pool, people often wonder when is the best time to install artificial grass. If you have natural grass currently you are aware that there are times when your grass dies and times when the grass thrives and grows healthily. You probably think that this goes for any and all types of grass, even if it’s synthetic. Turf installers can tell you when the best time to install artificial turf is.

Here’s the thing, when you are thinking about installing artificial grass, it’s less about what time of year it is and more about what kind of renovations are going on around the installation area.

One of the best times to install artificial grass is when you are building a new home. The crew and the equipment is already there so you might as well get use out of it and put in synthetic turf. Plus, new home owners don’t have the time to maintain grass and often times when you build a house the grass gets damaged and looks bad. This will prevent that.

Adding to that, artificial grass is great when you are tired of having a lawn that looks less than perfect. Any shade of green that is not bright and healthy looking just makes your yard look bad. Artificial grass is also great when you are tired of maintaining a yard because it’s all going to die in the winter anyway.

Another good time to install artificial turf is when you have a toddler who is ready to play outside. The artificial turf is safer than natural grass, it’s much softer and has a better bounce so if they fall they will not get hurt. It’s also almost impossible for your child to get dirty while playing on artificial turf because no dirt is involved.

So when exactly is the best time to install artificial turf? Whenever you feel like it! You can install it anytime of the year all that you have to do is take that first step.

Landscaping with Artificial Grass

Everybody uses Artificial grass, from home owners to your favorite sports leagues, Landscapers recommend it as the more informed choice for having a well-manicured lawn. For over fifty years synthetic grass has increasingly gained popularity for it’s looking and feeling like natural grass, and has been the choice of football fields and golf courses nationwide. Artificial Grass in Temecula has become extremely popular.


Whether you decide to install or have another professional handle installation, the cost of can vary from 10 to 30 dollars per square foot of turf, and what brand you choose and personal preferences have to be considered, the cost could change or even go up, but over the lifetime of the amount you’ll save, there’s simply NO comparison in cost effectiveness to other lawn care decisions you’ll be confronted with in your lifetime. If a home or business owner is purchasing for a larger project, then they should inquire about discounts as they are always available.


YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TO MOW YOUR LAWN AGAIN! You won’t have any need for a landscaping company, and although neighbors are welcome to admire, no one will be knocking on your door asking you if you need your grass cut, and practically there will be no use or the expense of owning, storage and maintaining lawn care equipment at all. A perfect lawn all year round, and with the infill system and permeated backing, harsh winds won’t destroy your turf and water will naturally flow through and not collect on the surface.

The Beauty of Artificial grass

Artificial grass is beautiful all year round. Homes and businesses across the country are choosing synthetic grass for it’s aesthetic appearance, for already being specifically manicured and not needing to be regularly treated or touched up. Commercial property owners and sports fields choose natural grass for the savings, the appearance, and turf’s ability to withstand severe weather conditions as well. Synthetic grass doesn’t need to be watered, whereas a natural lawn does! A natural lawn will develop brown spots and in water restricted areas in intense heat, synthetic grass is a perfect solution, removing the problem entirely and saving water in the process. Artificial turf is environmentally safe and doesn’t require harmful materials such as pesticides and insecticides, herbicides and other harmful and unnatural chemical products that are hazardous to pets and family.

There’s always a fit

Somewhere around your home there is a need and better use with artificial grass. You may just have a pet area that you would like to have even and cushioned for a four legged family member. When you have guests, having natural grass in the outdoor dining area gives it a very stylish and sophisticated appeal. Having artificial turf installed around the swimming area means added cushioning and no damage from larger groups of activity that take place. Adding synthetic grass to walkways and alongside the house where it can be difficult to get to with a lawn mower or getting the right angle with a weed-wacker is clever adjustment. Turf is perfect for play areas, around a pond or a fountain, providing an excellent lush display area for your home, garden and other exterior pieces that assist in your having a perfect and well maintained lawn.

Artificial Turf: Now the Popular Choice?

Artificial lawns are all the rage right now. In dry states, an artificial lawn resolves the need for constant lawn care. Artificial turf is very convenient for many people as homeowners requesting artificial lawns means the lawn grows 10-15% annually. Types of artificial grass that are available are similar to sod blends. Artificial turf is made to look like natural grass but is actually made of nylon fibers. Many homeowners are catching on to this new trend to replace their grass with an artificial lawn. The second-generation lawn has longer fibers and sand infills. Third-generation systems offer infills made of mixed sand including granules of recycled rubber or “rubber crumb.”

Artificial turf is installed in areas where the grass cannot grow or where keeping the lawn mowed becomes an impossible task. Astroturf was first installed in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. At first artificial lawns were used in sporting arenas, but was first installed in 1964, back when it was called Chem Grass, at Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island. Artificial grass is no longer as expensive as once thought as it cost $6-8 per square foot. There are three types of grass fibers that are used and are made of polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon grass fibers. Softer grass is better for kids and pets regardless of the combination of materials used to make it that way.

Today, turf company’s are selling the some of the best synthetic turf technology that is dedicated to better backing, fibers, recycling processes and shelf life along with element exposure, and more. Some turf products these days are also 100% recyclable in addition to being a great replacement for grass. Artificial turf continues to be developed for landscaping as well as commercial applications. Playing on artificial turf means the ball can bounce higher than on grass. Artificial turf can also be hotter than normal grass.

In fact, artificial turf is occasionally known for metal spikes burning feet while plastic spikes would melt. Many leagues are taking on the artificial turf trend. However, artificial turf has evolved over the years, becoming as realistic as grass. Over the years, artificial turf has developed into a material that sporting teams want to use with their games. Artificial turf does have a downside and that is causing friction between skin, as well as have a drawback of wearing out too quickly. Manufacturing artificial turf uses the same techniques as manufacturing carpets, since turf may be seen as a type of carpet not made of real grass.

Landscaping Tips For Beginners – Everything There Is To Know

Landscaping is an art that anyone can learn. It may seem like an overwhelming process simply because of many decisions you have to make (such as design, color, texture, height, and so on) and the tools and equipment you must learn to use. However, the fact is that it is not challenging at all, because the same principles that guide your home decor or setup should be applied outside as well. Remember, a good landscaping design does help enhance the appearance or your home as well as increasing its resale value. Below are tips for beginners:

Health And Safety

Landscaping can be an enjoyable activity. However, it does also come with a few risks and hazards. Remember, you will be dealing with sharp tools, machines, harmful rays, too much sun, garden pests, and harmful fertilizers and chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, and others. For this reason, you not only need to protect yourself but your health as well. Safety can be achieved through dressing to protect.


Budget is as important as the rest. It is wise to do a bit of research to know how much your landscape design will cost you. Use the opportunity to compare landscaping designs and the rough estimate it will need. If there is a specific plant you want to use, then you should know more about it like how they grow best, how to protect them and so on. Remember, different plants have different needs when it comes to soil, water, sunlight, and so on.

To save on cost, it is wise to choose plants that are native to your area. This is because plants that are native to your area will be easy to maintain. To save on water turf distributors can have one of their distributors reach out to get some artificial turf installed.

Plan And Design

Through planning, you come up with the best landscaping design for you. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that by identifying your budget, yard size, the partitions needed, and materials, you would have come up with a basic design. Of course, to make this easier, it is wise to write down everything and come up with a rough sketch.

To achieve this, take measurements of your yard and including of areas you want to partition. For example, footpath, flower bed, and others. While planning and designing, it is wise to think about other choices such as color, height, and texture you are looking to achieve.

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Light Effect At Night

A majority of people do not take advantage of the light effect at night. You can enhance the appearance of your landscape using lights, which makes a property look luxurious and welcoming. You can use lighting to line pathways, highlight a water feature, specific plants or simply creating some ambiance. One can also take advantage of various outdoor lights, which are available on the market.

Know When To Water

Knowing when to water can be a challenging thing especially if plants are newly planted. It is common knowledge that plants need water to survive, the problem is knowing the amount needed. The best time to water your plant is either during morning hours or night. It is not wise to water your plants during the day especially if you live in areas where it gets hot.

Backyard Landscape Ideas For Homeowners

Backyards are extensions of whatever happens inside our houses and most homeowners like them to be colorful, casual, and of course fun. In the backyard, it is possible to grow trees where vines can climb and create a surrounding that is perfect for relaxing and unwinding owing to the fresh air. Ultimately, the possibility of creating the perfect backyard lies in the design skills and the do-it-yourself knowledge of an individual. In landscaping your backyard, you can also involve a professional to help you execute some ideas to end up with the perfect backyard.

Interested in landscaping your backyard for the best results? Below are ideas that could help you with backyard landscaping:

If you’re in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area Artificial Turf Source will send you free samples and give you a free estimate, to transform that muddy dirt backyard and install artificial turf!

  1. In-ground Swimming Pool

Investing in an inground swimming pool surrounded by a garden and a few trees is a backyard dream for most homeowners. Hanging some lights also comes in handy in setting the desired mood in the backyard, especially during the night.

  1. Building A Tree House

For backyards that open up into a forest, building a tree house would be a great idea. For those who are not interested in building an entire tree house, building a banister around the trees would also have the same effect as it would give a peaceful lookout deck.

  1. Growing An English Garden

Upgrade the look of your backyard by planting traditional roses and a few hedges. Most homeowners appreciate that flowers and vegetation add to the aesthetic value of the backyard and make it more attractive. What’s more, you can produce a blend of several colors by having several flower species for a beautiful view.

  1. Backyard Vegetable Garden

If you love cooking with homegrown ingredients, this could be the perfect landscaping idea for your backyard. Using the empty backyard space to harvest your best vegetables would also be suitable for the family since they get to enjoy a taste of fresh vegetables for dinner. You can use raised boxes to grow virtually any kind of vegetable, from tomatoes to leafy greens. Artificial Turf Source can also help get your Palm Springs Artificial Turf installed to make that garden pop!

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  1. Earthy Escape

Homeowners with spacious backyards that lead to a nearby forest can comfortably try this landscaping idea. Such a backyard would feature gravel sitting area beautified with a stacked-stone retaining wall. Further, flagstone steps that lead to the nearby woods are also vital in spicing up the look of the backyard. The transition from the backyard to the woods is even more appealing to homeowners who relish an afternoon stroll in the forest.

  1. Sitting Area

Your backyard can be transformed into the perfect sitting area, where you can relax and enjoy a good read. You can do this by upgrading the seats in the backyard, by introducing furniture such as swing furniture. These are essential for creating a blend between benches and hammocks. Such backyards are not only comfortable and relaxing but are also appealing to the eyes.

Backyards are valuable spaces in our homes, and beautifying these spaces is the best way of making them even more special. Whether you opt for a vegetable garden or an in-ground pool, backyards are unique spaces that help homeowners relax as they enjoy the view and fresh air.